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EasyTrade Solutions Limited

Hello! EasyTade is a successful and sizeable Internet company headquartered in Hong Kong. We have been incubated by Hong Kong Cyberport. Our business covers different sectors as following:

1. JETSOguide.com – The no. 1 discount & coupon portal in Hong Kong. Provide online marketing and group buying services to local merchants.

2. LOOP – Carbon management system. Partner with World Wide Fund (WWF) and help the companies to reduce the carbon emission and save the environment.

If you have any inquiries related to the business, please contact us at admin @ jetsoguide.com or call (852) 3111 2876.


1. 著數街 - 香港第一折扣和優惠劵門戶網站,為客戶提供網上推廣和團購服務。

2. LOOP - 碳排放管理系統,與世界自然基金會(WWF)合作幫助企業減少碳排放和保護環境。

如果您有任何業務上的合作和查詢,請致電 (852) 3111 2876 或 電郵 admin @ jetsoguide.com。

EasyTrade, EasyTrade.com, JETSOguide, JETSOguide.com, Ihelpu, and Ihelpu.hk are registered domain names and trademarks under EasyTrade Solutions Ltd.

EasyTrade, EasyTrade.com, JETSOguide, JETSOguide.com, Ihelpu, and Ihelpu.hk 是 EasyTrade Solutions Ltd. 已登記的商標和域名。

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